Celebrating And Preserving One Of America's Great Radio Stations

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WKIX was one of America's great Top 40 Radio stations from the mid-1960's until the mid-1970's. Some of today's most famous media leaders were disk jockeys first as KIX MEN OF MUSIC during the era. Imagine staying in contact and being friends with people you worked with forty years ago and you'll begin to understand the bond between those of us fortunate to have worked together at the radio station this site celebrates and preserves. Some of us, although scattered across the country, still occasionally visit with each other, chat on the telephone, email and share life experiences. The glue that binds us is our having worked closely together in the incredibly creative environment that was nurtured by us all at WKIX Radio. We are proud to have been associated with one of America's great radio stations and prouder, still, of our continuing and long lasting friendships.